About Us

SyndiGate is the leading content marketing agency for Arabia and beyond...

We're storytellers and tech junkies

SyndiGate, established in Amman in 2007, licenses news, features, photographs, video, realtime data and other information from hundreds of the widest-read and most-respected publishers, with a focus on content from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

SyndiGate packages and provides the licensed content to a broad range of customers including leading brands, commercial websites, global information businesses, subscription database services, data analytics companies, libraries, app developers, mobile operators and more.

SyndiGate continually develops its syndication technology to transform information into insight and insight into prosperity. We enlighten and inspire audiences with authoritative, differentiated and trusted content.

We’re a business powered by a social mission: to help the Arabian journalism industry thrive. By building incredible technology, SyndiGate is bridging the gap between content creators and businesses.