About Us

SyndiGate is the leading content marketing agency for Arabia and beyond...

We're storytellers and tech junkies

SyndiGate is a full service content agency. We license and process words, image, video, sound and data content from 4,000+ publications and content services. The core focus is premium licensed content on Africa, Asia, Middle East and Oceania, enhanced by select global publishing brands.

SyndiGate packages and provides the licensed content to a diverse range of global customers, via feeds, APIs, or platforms. These customers include professional news platforms, subscription database services, major B2C content platforms, worldwide academic & public libraries, news websites, broadcasters, agencies, non-media brands and worldwide collective rights management organisations.

SyndiGate also creates bespoke, original and exclusive content for leading brands, to power (and manage) their content marketing programmes. Our mission is to help brands tell exceptional stories that drive business results, utilising content, software, analytics and editorial services.