Content marketing software for brands from SyndiGate

Simplify your entire content marketing process.

“Storyteller” is proprietary content marketing software for brands developed by SyndiGate.


We transform brands into storytellers, with authoritative, differentiated and trusted content. And we offer brands the tools they need to successfully build, execute and measure their content marketing efforts.


Brands can tap into and publish content that their audience loves, from the region's widest-read and most-respected content providers, which engages, creates loyalty and drives results.


Whether it’s planning, sourcing content, creating content, publishing or measuring content, with our “Storyteller” content marketing software, we’ve got you covered.

Publish content everywhere, at the click of a button.

Where and how your content is seen is just as important as what it is about. “Storyteller” centralises all of your content distribution efforts.


Build and launch alluring content experiences and instantly share content anywhere, including web, apps and social networks, with the click of a button.


Contact us for a demonstration of “Storyteller"+962 65658322sales@syndigate.info