Broadcast News

An Untapped Source For Finding Alpha From Decomposition

Alpha Generation for Financial Services Trading

Find Alpha From Decomposition

Decompose market dynamics to understand which entities are involved in those dynamics and to what extent they are driving or adhering to market trends. 

Access a steady, clean and comprehensive feed of broadcast news transcripts (2,690+ sources), complete with ‘story headlines’ prepended with sentiment class and sentiment score, and combined with an analytics tool for decomposition. Generate more repeatable and scalable alpha.

Users get access to coverage (breadth), content (entity enrichments and metadata), curation (fine tuning a personalised/custom feed) and analytics (NLP). 

Click here for an example enriched broadcast transcript.

Predict The Direction Of Price Movement

Once the feed is filtered and curated, the entity sentiment can be used to predict the direction of price movement (currently 65% accuracy).

When Speed + Analytics Matters, Turn To Broadcast News

When news timeliness is critical, broadcast news (machine produced/enriched transcripts) can deliver the stories faster than non-broadcast news outlets can write, edit, process and deliver. Included in the transcripts are ‘story headlines’, prepended with sentiment class and sentiment score.

Example: CNN Newsroom from 08:00 am EST – 08:05 am EST is processed and delivered to end-customers at 08:07 am EST.

24/7 data-as-a-service (DaaS) captures, processes and enriches the news from 2,690+ radio & TV stations all over the globe (10+ news languages), including all 210 designated DMAs in the United States.

Key Features

    Low-latency, enriched broadcast news transcripts

    2,690+ TV and radio broadcast news sources

    700,000+ pages of transcripts/day

    Curated feeds to suit investment strategies

    Addition of ‘story headlines’ prepended with sentiment class and sentiment score

    Accurately separate ‘signals’ from the noise

    Generate more repeatable and scalable alpha

    Predict the direction of price movement

    High-quality entity extraction, disambiguation and enrichment (analytics)

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    Personalised News Packages

    News packages can be customised so that users receive a filtered and curated feed, comprising only the content they need.

    Filters can be set up to deliver news that will assist with investment strategies focused on Aerospace/Defence, Absolute Returns, AI, Arbitrage, Biotech, Convertibles, Credit, Commodities, Crypto, Distressed Assets, Emerging Markets, Equities, Fixed Income, Global Macro, Index Funds, Insurance, FX, Long/Short, Managed Futures, Micro Cap, Multi Strategy, Private Equity, Real Estate, Small Cap, Technology and so much more.

    Dive deeper into tailoring the broadcast news packages; finding alpha from news decomposition; the important components for success; workflows; and more on our blog post: Broadcast News – An Untapped Source For Finding Alpha From Decomposition 

    SyndiGate Global News Offering

    In addition to the enriched broadcast news transcripts, SyndiGate’s Global News Offering comprises 193,000+ full text news sources from around the globe, in 200+ languages, from 195 countries, yielding approx. 3.7 Million stories per day

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