News Analytics

Analytics and insights generated systematically, derived from thousands of fully licensed, high quality news sources

How can firms benefit from news analytics?

Large systematic asset management firms, systematic trading desks at investment banks, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds etc. can benefit from:

    • Derive signals to support trading models

    • Improve asset allocation decisions

    • Forecast outlooks

    • Predict directional movements caused by news events

    • Mitigate risk when events happen

    • Conduct pre-trade and post-trade analysis


    News sources


    Countries represented


    Licensed titles


    Content formats


    Diverse languages

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Analytics are derived utilising state-of-the-art NLP infrastructure (for content collection, text extraction, enrichment, and data delivery) – capable of processing millions of documents every day.

      The NLP converts unstructured textual data into structured insights, augmented with analytics – Sentiment Analysis & Scores, Relevance Scoring, Novelty Tracking, Temporal Scoring, Topic Tagging, Events, Indicators etc.

      15+ Years Experience

      SyndiGate has 15+ years working with NLP and NLP services for processing huge volumes of third party content and data, with reference data detections (e.g. tickers, ISINs, MICs, CUSIPs, LEIs etc.); event data detections (7,000+ event categories); and analytics (80+ detections possible).

      SyndiGate’s parent company (Al Bawaba) won a Google News Initiative funding award in 2020 to develop a specialist NLP engine.

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