Digitisation &

Archiving Services

Reach global academic and research clients

Preserve your archive and generate revenue

We supply licensed content to over 1,500 worldwide libraries and digitised newspaper archives to over 150 academic libraries in the U.S. alone, plus many more worldwide.

Embracing and profiting from the digital age with our scanning service has never been easier. Make your newspapers, periodicals and other publishing archive assets accessible and searchable at the touch of a button.

SyndiGate can then make your content a part of a treasure trove of digitised content available through Stanford University Libraries and The Hoover Institution Library and Archives.

Researchers can discover millions of searchable pages of published content in Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish including ceased publications from Africa and the Middle East.

We will do all of this at zero cost to you, the publisher.

Our experience

We have vast experience working with Central Semitic and Indo-European languages and have to date digitised about 20,000 eBooks in Arabic, plus thousands of Arabic periodicals.

We supply the Library of Congress and many other libraries, and that portfolio includes the importing of publications (monographs as well as serials) from dozens of countries in the Middle East.

Further, we are the most visible and present vendor in regular meetings of the Middle East Librarians’ Association.

Key benefits to newspapers

Completely free for you, the publisher
As we are a full service provider, we have and continue to evaluate and invest in the best conversion equipment available in the market today. We do all the hard work, from creating the archive to marketing and selling the product and collecting and paying the fees.

Standard and Quality
Our expert staff have worked with collections of every sort, in pristine condition or falling apart. We know exactly how to prepare your materials and how to best capture their content digitally.

Generate revenue
Hundreds of academic libraries across North America and the world are looking to buy your digital archive and we are working with them to make this possible. Fees start from $20,000 and grow exponentially depending on the depth and demand for your archive.

Complete and fully searchable archive
Once we have digitised your archive we deliver a copy of the master files to you, plus you can access your archive 24/7 through our partner platform.

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