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Proprietary & fully licensed ready-to-use data products

SyndiGate offers an expanding collection of proprietary data products, as well as fully licensed, high-quality datasets from leading suppliers all over the globe. Understand the competitive landscape, target, market, sell and measure better with SyndiGate Data.

Corporate Sentiment Event Feed (Global)

Utilising live broadcast news, SyndiGate’s Global Corporate Sentiment Event Feed is a real-time, fully automated, super-enriched, corporate news feed, designed for alpha generation and other professional investing strategies.

Over 2,000+ live broadcast news channels (TV) are captured 24/7, processed into machine readable transcripts, cleaned, then enriched with highly valuable metadata. Key event sentences are extracted and form the ‘story headlines’ for each transcript segment, which further get prepended with sentiment class and sentiment scoring, for lightning-quick investing decisions.

Example broadcast transcript segment headline: NEGATIVE (-0.993) : The Johnson & Johnson vaccine had different issues

When news timeliness is critical, broadcast news (machine produced transcripts) can deliver the news faster than  non-broadcast news outlets can write, edit, process and deliver it. The transcripts are produced by capturing between 2 to 5 minutes of a live broadcast segment. And within 2 minutes following the end of the captured segment, the transcript is processed, packaged into a ‘page’ (approx. 700,000+ /day total), fully enriched and delivered to end-customers.


Example: CNN Newsroom broadcast segment from 08:00 am EST – 08:05 am EST is processed, enriched and delivered to end-customers at 08:07 am EST. Click here.

Asset Classes: Public Equities + Private Equities, plus Private Companies, Governments, NGOs, Organisations etc.

Data collection


Live news broadcasts (TV and radio) are captured 24/7, packaged into a ‘page’, then processed into machine readable transcripts, cleaned (ads and filler content removed), then enriched with highly valuable metadata. Key event sentences are extracted and form the ‘story headlines’ for each transcript segment, which further get prepended with sentiment class and sentiment scoring.

News packages can be customised so that users receive a filtered and curated feed, comprising only the content they need. Filters can be set up to deliver news that will assist with investment strategies focused on things like Aerospace/Defence, Absolute Returns, AI, Arbitrage, Biotech, Convertibles, Credit, Commodities, Crypto, Distressed Assets, Emerging Markets, Equities, Fixed Income, Global Macro, Index Funds, Insurance, FX, Long/Short, Managed Futures, Micro Cap, Multi Strategy, Private Equity, Real Estate, Small Cap, Technology and so much more.


Geographic: Global

Financial Indices (where applicable) mapped to all global indices (e.g. Dow Jones Industrial Average, EURO STOXX 50, FTSE MIB, Hang Seng Index,  NASDAQ Composite Index etc.)

Sectors: All sector coverage

Historical Data Available For Resale or Licensing: From 2000


Update Frequency: Real-time
Delivery Frequency: Real-time
Delay: Within 1 second
Processing Time: Within 2 mins after the live broadcast segment being captured has aired

Metrics Types: Operational and Economic

Metrics: All corporate events (e.g. Share Price, Revenue, M&A, Jobs Cuts etc.)


Security identifiers mapped to: ISINs, Tickers, MICs, PermIDs and more

Other Taxonomies: Custom, IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) taxonomy, RCS (Refinitiv Classification Services) taxonomy, TRBC (Thomson Reuters Business Classification) taxonomy


Finding alpha; managing client investment portfolios; monitoring or anticipate regulatory changes; examining market movements; and decomposing what’s driving them.


Data Delivery Methods: API, AWS S3, FTP, Search Platform

Delivery Formats: JSON, Streaming RSS


No obligation, free, 30 day trials can be set up and customised, so that users receive a filtered and curated feed, comprising only the content they need. 

Example Full & Filtered Feeds

  • All global stations with enrichments + sentiment class/scores
  • Curated feeds based on global geographies, topics, investing strategies etc. with enrichments + sentiment class/scores
  • US Cable Stations with enrichments + sentiment class/scores
  • US Local Top 20 DMA Stations with enrichments + sentiment class/scores
  • US All Local Stations with enrichments + sentiment class/scores

Other data products offered by SyndiGate


193,000+ full text news sources from around the globe, in 200+ languages, from 195 countries, with stories totalling approx. 3.7 Million /day.


  • African Financial & Economic Data
  • Economic Indicator Service
  • Global Economic Data
  • Spatial Risk Data


  • China A Listed Companies Earning Call Transcripts
  • Company Future Event Data
  • US Equities Historical Reference Services
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Universal Depository Receipts
  • US Bankruptcy Data
  • Worldwide Corporate Actions (Equity)


  • Derivatives Reference Data
  • Global Market Holidays and Timings
  • Securities Reference File


  • Adjustment Factors Data
  • End of Day Pricing Data
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  •      Real Time & Historical FX Feed


  • Bond Σ – Fixed Income Derived Data
  • Canadian Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing
  • Municipal Bond Pricing
  • US Corporate Bond Data
  • Worldwide Fixed Income
  • Worldwide Fixed Income Evaluated Pricing


  • Offshore Reporting Funds
  • Worldwide Equity Cost Basis


  • Investment Funds NAVs, Offshore Reporting
  • Funds, UK Unit Trust data, Unit Investment
  • Trusts, US Dividend Reclassification,
  • US Mutual Funds


  • DerivActions
  • Derivatives End of Day Pricing
  • Derivatives Reference Data
  • Options Analytics Service
  • Derivatives Contract Specification Database
  • Short Interest Data
  • Threshold Securities


Comprehensive global resource for investment documents (e.g. prospectuses, annual reports, ESG reports, regulator required reports etc.)

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