Fully Licensed Premium Datasets for Training LLMs and AI Applications

Fully licensed, high-quality, machine readable content collections, corpora, databases and datasets - ideal for training Large Language Models (LLMs); AI applications; and other machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Our story

SyndiGate is a global content aggregator that has the rights to, and delivers licensed content from hundreds of thousands of diverse, premium, multilingual publications and corpora from around the world. Our customers include most of the world's leading information-driven businesses. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years.

What can you do with our content and data?


Teaching, training and fine tuning large language models (LLMs) and machines to perform complex tasks demands huge amounts of premium, structured and machine readable data. Often, sentences (or strings of words) need to be ‘factual’ and syntactically well structured for this to properly work.

SyndiGate is a one-stop-shop for the rights and content you need for your LLM and machine learning projects; or powering AI applications such as Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT). SyndiGate enables AI technologies with authorised use of content and eliminates the risk of copyright infringement.

SyndiGate Offering/Highlights

  • Global content licensing/aggregation business with 20+ years experience
  • Trillions of relevant words (billions of ‘tokens’)
  • Full-text articles and metadata in a machine-readable format
  • Deep archives (from 1700s) + current/future content
  • Hundreds of thousands of licensed publications
  • Publisher strategies covering B2C, B2B, B2G, academic, educational, teens, kids etc.
  • Technical and non-technical content
  • Huge breadth of vocabulary within the corpora offering
  • Diverse offering of publication types (i.e. books, scholarly journals, periodicals and other curated publications)
  • Global coverage
  • 125 native content languages
  • Access to premium, paywalled, or subscription only content
  • Fully licensed for AI/LLM training data use cases (copyright issues solved)
  • Rights to reference underlying content/data sources and/or summarise articles
  • Indemnification against any copyright infringement claims
  • x1 relationship
  • Multiple delivery options
  • x1 24/7 technical and delivery support
  • State of the art NLP, content enrichment and advanced metadata capabilities if needed
  • Dataset normalisation capabilities for consistency and structured, machine readable datasets.
  • Dataset normalisation capabilities for consistency and structured, machine readable datasets.
  • Free on-demand content sourcing, recommendation and licensing service to fill your data coverage gaps.
  • Experience providing Bloomberg with very specific training data for their LLMs to assist BloombergGPT, a 50-billion parameter LLM that was purpose-built from scratch for ‘finance’.

Publication types offered by SyndiGate

Academic Journals, Academic Textbooks, Analyst Ratings, Annual Reports, Blogs, Books, Ceased Serials (News, Journals, etc.), Census, Conference Proceedings, Dictionaries, Digital News Publications, Dissertations/Thesis, Encyclopedias & Directories, Financial Industry Statistical Publications, Grey Literature (e.g., reports, working papers, government documents, white papers, and evaluations), Magazines (B2B and B2C, print and digital), Message Boards, Monographs, Newspapers, Newswires, Population, Census, and Statistics, Print Newspapers (digitized), Product/Service Reviews, Research, Statistics, Social Data, Trade Journals and more.

Metadata & Data Enrichment

SyndiGate understands that specialist metadata and data ‘enrichment’ can yield significant value for your second stage LLM fine-tuning.
SyndiGate can accommodate any custom metadata requirements where needed, by processing the data through our highly specialist NLP. Please contact us to learn more about the ‘enrichments’ that are possible, including reference data detections, event detections, analytics and summarisation. We can also reformat large datasets where needed.

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