Collective Rights Management

Earn fees and royalties for copyright licensing

Collecting fees on behalf of your publication

Collective rights management is the licensing of copyright and related rights by organisations which act on behalf of the rights owner. 

Copyright and related rights owners can include authors, composers, publishers, writers, musicians, photographers, broadcasters and other visual creators.

Though this does not fall under content syndication, where no physical content assets are involved, collective rights management still represents an opportunity to generate royalties from your content. In fact, fees or royalties are collected and paid out based on the copying, usage or reproduction of the copyrighted content.

SyndiGate is a member of the Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN).

Licensee types

SyndiGate collects and pays fees based on the copying, usage or reproduction of your content from the following worldwide licensee types:

  • Media Monitoring Organisations (MMOs)
  • Governments
  • Corporations
  • Schools and universities

License fees explained

Licensees are charged an annual fee and Media Monitoring Organisations (MMOs) also have to pay a set fee for every link or clipping they send to a client. Licensing is voluntary, but there are dedicated sales teams in place all over the world, selling licences to MMOs, governments, corporations, schools and universities.

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