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Let SyndiGate be your global content sales partner. We can help expand the reach of your content; increase penetration in existing and new markets; provide potential for supplemental revenue; and streamline administrative workflow associated with subscription, licensing and syndication tasks. We look to create long-lasting and friendly relationships with our content partners.

By partnering with SyndiGate, you’ll ensure that your content is viewed by a large and diverse group of end users. You can benefit from increased visibility; improved brand recognition; additional website traffic; and increased sales. Our various product lines and distribution channels serve different needs within the information and media industries.


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Global marketing, distribution and sales

There are various benefits that SyndiGate can offer to its content partners, some of which include:

  • Worldwide marketing of your content
  • Regular royalties and license fees
  • Increased traffic through backlinks
  • Increased distribution and visibility in new markets
  • Improved brand recognition

Generate revenue through SyndiGate

From world-renowned publications to amateur photographers, SyndiGate’s content distribution services open up additional revenue streams for content owners of all types. 

SyndiGate typically enters into revenue sharing Content License Agreements with our licensors, giving us the flexibility to sub-license and distribute the licensed content to clients across the globe.

Content owners are then paid an agreed share of the revenues, royalties or fees generated through the distribution of their content. 

Free worldwide marketing

Our expert Content Sales and Licensing team actively markets content at absolutely no cost to owners and rights holders.

Robust reporting

DISCO’s reporting dashboard gives content providers real-time data on distribution, content usage and revenue.

Complete control

Content owners are in complete control of their prices on DISCO and the buying models they participate in.

SyndiGate products for media owners

Collective Rights Management

SyndiGate collects fees on behalf of copyright owners from worldwide collective rights management organisations, for use of copyrighted works, ensuring a fair distribution of such remuneration amongst the copyright owners.

Syndication & Licensing

At no cost to you, our Content Sales and Licensing team market your content to buyers all over the world. With thousands of clients and decades of combined experiences in content syndication across the globe, we know this business well.

DISCO Contributor

For amateur photographers, videographers, and bloggers, DISCO Contributor helps you generate both revenue and exposure. You could find your latest picture on the front cover of a leading magazine, or headlining a work of award-winning journalism.

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