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The SyndiGate Master Content Catalogue comprises 13,000+ fully licensed content products and services across a diverse array of formats, languages, geographies, topics, and industries. Our Global News Firehose comprises a total of 198,000+ news sources.

Whether you need to broaden your database, web, mobile or print content offerings, invigorate an existing product or introduce a new one, SyndiGate has the licensing, production and technological expertise to help you every step of the way.

110,000+ global content products

Our catalogue comprises 198,000+ content products from across the globe, in 200+ languages.

Expert curation services

Our content curation experts will help you hand-select only the most relevant content sources from within our catalogue, based on your requirements.

Custom delivery methods

SyndiGate is set up to accommodate multiple content delivery methods to suit your in-house technologies and requirements.

Products & Services

Licensed Content Offering

A huge offering of quality licensed content is at the very core of SyndiGate’s DNA. We strive to source, license and make available to customers the content they need, in the format they need, in the language(s) they need, from anywhere in the world.

DISCO Content Marketplace

DISCO is an innovative and revolutionary marketplace platform for licensed content, where buyers can access, search for, and acquire an instant license, to use or republish premium paid-for content, as well as free-to-use content, all fully rights-cleared.

DISCO NewsBase

An advanced and in-depth solution to corporate, government, academic and Media Monitoring Organisations (MMO) clients looking to dive deep into both historical and current news, research, analysis, data and more. Users can perform complex searches across 198,000+ content sources from every corner of the globe with world-class search technology, advanced tools to streamline the process, and customised delivery methods.

Content Marketing Agency

Combining the world-class storytellers with cutting-edge technology, we develop a picture of your brand DNA, your audience and your competitors, identifying the stories and strategies that make you stand out.

Content Studio

Our Content Studio enables us to create unique and authentic articles, videos, images, podcasts and more, and with access to over 800 content creators, we can help brands access places and people in impactful ways. Brands trust us to commission original content from written articles, photos, podcasts, and video to original illustrations and animations.

We cater for all types of content user

Global Information Databases

SyndiGate licenses content to a wide selection of global news databases for the corporate space, which host content from thousands of premium sources.

Hedge Funds & Corporate Clients

SyndiGate provides a constant stream of content to financial professionals around the globe who require accurate and timely information in order to make key business and investment decisions.

B2C News Platforms

SyndiGate provides a streamlined solution for news platforms across the globe, employing advanced curation technology to deliver stories that matter to target audiences.

News & Press

SyndiGate’s services are essential to publishers and broadcasters who are hungry for trustworthy, multilingual content that informs, entertains and retains audiences.

Broadcast & SVOD

SyndiGate provides premium documentaries, movies and TV shows in multiple languages to broadcasters and VOD platforms around the world, with custom usage rights available on request.

Academic Clients

SyndiGate serves the information needs of hundreds of academic libraries, public libraries and schools, with current news, features, analysis, opinion, interviews, video content and academic journals.

Global information businesses using SyndiGate services

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