SyndiGate preferred video content specifications:

Video formats: formats: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and On2 VP6 for flv files
Resolution: 320X240 (minimum) with a 4:3 display aspect ratio
Video stream bit rate: 256kbps (minimum)
Audio stream bit rate: 128kbps
Audio format: AAC LC
Frame rate per second: 30 fps for MP4 and 25fps for flv files

Delivery: mRSS or XML files via FTP

Basic metadata for each video file is essential. Below are examples of useful metadata fields for each video file (not all of these fields are essential).

Transcription, if available (such as Closed Caption text)
Content Source
Publication Date/Time
Copyright owner 
Unique identifier 
Thumbnail image (480 X 360 pixels preferred) (or URL from which it may be retrieved)
URL from which video file may be retrieved 
Other Metadata (e.g. video codec, URLs, video format, etc.) 
Broadcast Data shall include “thumbnail” pictures, one for each video file, of the following resolution: 480 X 360 pixels